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The future of fishing: trends to look for in tackle, gear and ideas as we head into the 21st century

Technological innovations are behind many of the changes occurring in fishing. Global Positioning System products, stronger fishing lines, and digital weight scales are just some of the innovations. Fishery management, changing demographics, and other issues are discussed.
WHEN GEORGE PERRY cast a wooden Creek Chub plug near a cypress tree in Georgia’s Montgomery Lake and landed the world-record bass in 1932, he used an outfit that cost just over $1 and the one lure he had with him while fishing from a homemade johnboat with oars for power.

Real opportunities in Soviet Union for entrepreneurs with right stuff

Real Opportunities in Soviet Union For Entrepreneurs With Right Stuff

At this very moment historic political sea changes are washing away the command economy blocs of Eastern Europe and re-shaping the Marxist-Leninist foundations of the Soviet Union. Can free marketers from the seafood industry in the West profit in its wake?

Probably not in the short run, but those entrepreneurial capitalists investing in longterm relationships could reap rewards. “There are still enormous risks,” warned Dr. Ulrich Nussbaum. “Legal and political conditions remain unsettled and change from day to day.”

Best Sleeping Position during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very sophisticated position for the future mother. In this time, she needs constant care and attention to her every step. She should do every chore in a routine and try to maintain the routine properly. Her eating, napping, sleeping and even her sleeping position are very important in this case. Usually a pregnant mother finds it difficult to have a sound sleep during pregnancy. As she is new to this situation and a huge hormonal imbalance happens inside her, she can barely sleep at night.

How to win boat-side brawls

Catching fish when they swim near the fishing boat can be difficult. Fishermen have to contend with the position of the boat and the fish. The process of hooking bass, walleye, muskie and various billfish is described.
Just 15 feet from our boat, the bass exploded on my surface plug, showering the emergent trees in three directions. I reared back on my stout seven-foot rod to set the hooks as the giant swirled on top in the five-foot-deep water. The big fish felt the sting of metal, dove toward the bottom, and then headed skyward.

This huge bass wasn’t a largemouth, but a 16-pound peacock bass that wanted to tear up anything in its way. My guide, Juan, gasped, “Grande pavon,” at the sight of the peacock’s broad triple-striped side and opened his eyes wide and dropped his jaw. I was too excited to blink. The bass swam toward the boat and under it as I reeled frantically to keep a tight line.


I thrust the rod toward the brushy bottom, praying that this giant wouldn’t become entangled or straighten the heavy-duty hooks that had been harnessed on the Jerkin’ Sam topwater plug expressly for my Venezuela trip. I was confident that the 30-pound-test line wouldn’t part unless it was grated against some of the flooded hardwoods that surrounded the boat.