Best Sleeping Position during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very sophisticated position for the future mother. In this time, she needs constant care and attention to her every step. She should do every chore in a routine and try to maintain the routine properly. Her eating, napping, sleeping and even her sleeping position are very important in this case. Usually a pregnant mother finds it difficult to have a sound sleep during pregnancy. As she is new to this situation and a huge hormonal imbalance happens inside her, she can barely sleep at night. People frequently asked me about some best pregnancy pillow reviews so that they can buy one for her pregnant partner. A pregnancy pillow may boost the sleeping situation for a pregnant woman and comfort her, but you have to maintain some other criteria also to provide her a soothing and sound sleep.

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In previous article I have discussed about the tricks to have a better sleep for the pregnant women. You need to make some change in your daily routine to have a better sleep as your situation is different now. In that article, I discussed shortly about be time and bed manners to have a better sleep for the pregnant woman. No in this article, I will briefly discuss about the sleeping position for a pregnant woman through which they can be very comfortable and have a sound sleep too. Your regular sleeping positions are not effective here, you to try some special position to have a better sleep during pregnancy.

The first thing a pregnant woman thing that, why can’t I sleep in my regular position now? Well, there are plenty of reasons that you cannot sleep in your regular position now. The first one is your body has completely changed now. It has more hormones, a fetus growing inside and required more internal function as it is working for two lives together.
Discomfort During Pregnancy:

You may wonder why you are feeling so much discomfort now. Is it only for the baby inside or something else? Well, there are plenty of reasons available who are responsible for your discomfort. Your abdomen has been increased and you will find it difficult to adjust with your new abdomen as it is bigger. You may notice or not, you will have some back pain. You have some heartburn issues. You will suffocate without any reason no matter where you are. You will fall short of your breath for a few steps. The final reason is you cannot sleep well at night, will suffer from insomnia and as a result your whole day will pass in discomfort and fatigue.

Best Sleeping Position during Pregnancy:

What is the most common question asked by the pregnant women? That’s, I cannot sleep at night, how can I sleep. Well, as I said earlier, to have a good sleep at night depends upon various factors.  One of them is your sleeping position. Now I am going to discuss about some sleeping position which may give you a better comfort to sleep well at night.

Well, according to medical science the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman is SOS (It’s not Save Our souls, it is Sleep On Side. A pregnant woman will find it very difficult to sleep comfortably on her back. That is why it is recommended to sleep on her side. According to medical science, sleeping on her left side allows the hurt to pump blood smoothly in the fetus, uterus and kidney simultaneously. Blood is the carrier of all nutrition, so a smooth blood flow will ensure the better health of your body organs as well as your placenta.

Okay, here are some tricks about your sleeping position.

You can bend your knees as much as it is comfortable to you. Place a pillow in between them, you will feel much better. You may feel back pain while sleeping on your back. Apply the sleep on side position. For more comfort, put a pillow under your abdomen.

If you feel any heartburn in night or anytime of the day in bed, you should elevate your upper portion of the body busing pillows. After a while, it is expected to reduce. Do not forget to use plenty of water in such situations.

At 5 to 6 months of pregnancy or in the late pregnancy, you will feel suffocated. It is quite natural that you will fall short of breath. In such case, never try to sleep on your back. Try to sleep on side, use the pillow in between your legs and abdomen to make the situation as much comfortable possible.

If you are used sleep n your top or back, these suggestion may seem very useless to you. Trust me, follow my words. Sleeping on stomach and back is not very good for pregnancy. Sleep on side is comfortable to you and better for your body.

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