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Travel By Open Bus In Vietnam

Today, the service named “Open Bus” is more and more popular in Vietnam. You can easily catch a bus from the southern of Vietnam in order to visit some interesting places in the North Vietnam. Also, there is a great deal of bus stations across the routes. The more distance you go, the higher cost you have to pay for. In addition to, it offers two main kinds of transportation, nightlife bus, and coach. The ticket price of nightline buses is always much higher than those of coaches.

The routes of Open Bus

The open bus in Vietnam contains both many air conditioners and water closets. However, it does not mean that all WCs are available every time and the air-conditioning system can always accomplish their functions best.

open bus vietnam

The most common itinerary of Vietnamese open bus tour is from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. This route passes some wonderful destinations like Mui Ne, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Hue. Actually, you can totally choose to put off your transport on this vehicle and visit all listed places until you want to get the next destination. In this case, everything you just need is asking the travel agency in this area before leaving. The price is not very expensive, fluctuating around VND 950,000 to VND 980,000.

100 years of amazing outdoor gear

Sure, the airplane, the television, the computer–they were all nice little inventions. But this stuff set us free.

WHAT A CENTURY it’s been for outdoor gear–certainly the most revolutionary hundred years in the history of apparel and equipment. We’re not talking woolly knickers and bamboo rods, either. We mean innovations and inventions bestowed upon us by, and between, the Industrial Revolution and the Information Age. (Could it have been the launch of Sports Afield, in 1888, that inspired the outdoor craze?)

20 reasons to move: great American sporting towns where you can live your dreams

Some US towns are sportsmen’s paradise, where something is always in season. Idado Falls, ID; Flagstaff, AZ; St Joseph, MO; Tallahasse, FL; and Bangor, Maine top each region, and runners-up are listed. The fishing and hunting are described, and best sporting stores and early breakfasts are listed.
SPORTSMEN HAVE TWO homes–the one where they pay the mortgage, raise kids, and vote and the one where their imagination resides. The first might have good schools and honest cops and maybe even big-leauge sports –but it probably comes up a little short when you want to fish for bass or hunt turkeys. There’s rarely a sweet, clean river close by with a reliable evening hatch. And you’d feel stupid–and probably get arrested–if you put up a tree stand in the old oak at the end of the block.


There will be a moment when you are quite eager to wait for a period of time away from your adorable children just to have own time. And then on the next day, when you are temporarily far from them, you will miss them a lot. A summer camp for children in the school could always make the parents feel that there minds are being played tricks. In fact, you are not the only person who is surprised by this obvious thing.

The sportsman’s dollar

Poor environmental practices, such as excessive logging, have decimated salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest. A healthy environment will lure hunting and fishing enthusiasts, who spend billions of dollars annually and create jobs.
THE EQUATION is powerful and deceptively simple. In the Pacific Northwest. loggers are losing their jobs as cutting of old-growth timber is being increasingly restricted. At the same time, miles of trout and salmon spawning streams are in physical ruin; critical habitat destroyed by decades of abusive logging practices on adjacent land. The solution? Put those newly unemployed loggers to work restoring the watersheds and rebuilding salmon and steelhead runs, thereby creating increased recreational opportunities–and related jobs–throughout the region.