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Travel By Open Bus In Vietnam

Today, the service named “Open Bus” is more and more popular in Vietnam. You can easily catch a bus from the southern of Vietnam in order to visit some interesting places in the North Vietnam. Also, there is a great deal of bus stations across the routes. The more distance you go, the higher cost you have to pay for. In addition to, it offers two main kinds of transportation, nightlife bus, and coach. The ticket price of nightline buses is always much higher than those of coaches.

The routes of Open Bus

The open bus in Vietnam contains both many air conditioners and water closets. However, it does not mean that all WCs are available every time and the air-conditioning system can always accomplish their functions best.

open bus vietnam

The most common itinerary of Vietnamese open bus tour is from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. This route passes some wonderful destinations like Mui Ne, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Hue. Actually, you can totally choose to put off your transport on this vehicle and visit all listed places until you want to get the next destination. In this case, everything you just need is asking the travel agency in this area before leaving. The price is not very expensive, fluctuating around VND 950,000 to VND 980,000.


There will be a moment when you are quite eager to wait for a period of time away from your adorable children just to have own time. And then on the next day, when you are temporarily far from them, you will miss them a lot. A summer camp for children in the school could always make the parents feel that there minds are being played tricks. In fact, you are not the only person who is surprised by this obvious thing.

The future of fishing: trends to look for in tackle, gear and ideas as we head into the 21st century

Technological innovations are behind many of the changes occurring in fishing. Global Positioning System products, stronger fishing lines, and digital weight scales are just some of the innovations. Fishery management, changing demographics, and other issues are discussed.
WHEN GEORGE PERRY cast a wooden Creek Chub plug near a cypress tree in Georgia’s Montgomery Lake and landed the world-record bass in 1932, he used an outfit that cost just over $1 and the one lure he had with him while fishing from a homemade johnboat with oars for power.

Best Sleeping Position during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very sophisticated position for the future mother. In this time, she needs constant care and attention to her every step. She should do every chore in a routine and try to maintain the routine properly. Her eating, napping, sleeping and even her sleeping position are very important in this case. Usually a pregnant mother finds it difficult to have a sound sleep during pregnancy. As she is new to this situation and a huge hormonal imbalance happens inside her, she can barely sleep at night.

Don’t mess with bluegills: serious tactics and gear that make panfishing more fun than ever

One of the best places to fish for bluegills is in shallow areas in April or May, during the spawn. The appropriate tackle includes an ultra-ultra-light spin rod and a limp 2- to 4-pound test line. The use of grubs, mini-worms, spinners, spoons, fake bugs, crankbaits and spinnerbaits is described.
Serious tactics and gear that make panfishing more fun than ever.

Look for elephant tracks in the water,” I was told many years ago. As a fishing-struck kid, I ached to catch some of the big bluegills that were said to be on their spawning beds in a nearby lake, but I was a little vague on the procedure. “Round,” my advisor explained, describing an oval with his hands. Another sage (probably 40, 41 years old, I’d now guess), gave me an additional tip: “Lots of times, you can smell ’em. Bluegill beds smell a lot like fresh-cut watermelon.”


I still love that kind of angling folklore, which, however dubious, was and is a lot more fun than the charts-and-graphs data of the present age. And I do remember the first time I clearly identified an actual bluegill bed: ovoid, concave, a white roundness bright against the furry-green bottom. Was that watermelon I smelled? Using a spinning rod and a trio of split-shot for weight, I cast a bright red sponge-fly with white rubber legs past the bed and jigged it in. The fly became suddenly visible over the bed’s whiteness. A dark form flashed in and attacked, and I was into the first good bedded-bluegill of my life.